Under the leadership of a member of the Russian Geographical Society, Alexander Peterman, preparations begin for the next Arctic expedition “Northern landing-2017”. Yesterday in Nizhnevartovsk, the IL-76 aircraft of the special forces of the Russian Defense Ministry landed with future participants of the expedition. Vartovchane together with a regular group of army special forces will make the transition to Dixon, having secured for Russian special forces the title of the most prepared and professional in the world – the real elite of our army, for which there are no impossible tasks. In 2016, a single special squad officer entered the squad, this year a group of military men will join the campaign with their tasks.

Unique in Russia, the expedition “Northern Troopers” gives the military experience of survival in difficult conditions. The fact that for the second year the special units are part of the team “Northern Troopers” speaks about the strategic significance of the expedition for the country. In addition, the Nizhnevartovsk project interested in the Concern “Kalashnikov”, where in addition to the production of weapons are also engaged in outfitting. In the Concern it plans to combine its knowledge and experience of the Northern Assault in order to create equipment, for example, for the Arctic group of troops in the future. The start of the expedition is scheduled for March 25 from the village of Tazovsky.

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