30th of March. 10.00. We left Sopochnaya Kargi. Closer to 21.00 we call in the village of Dixon.

“There is no cinema and mobile Internet, buses and coffee shops, supermarkets and advertising banners, there is not one person who does not see the polar night and the green shimmering of the northern lights, would not know what to do when meeting with a polar bear and during” “Dickson is the most northerly village in Russia, Dixon is commonly called the” edge of the world “: it is located in the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, on the shores of the Yenisei Gulf of the Kara Sea – the outskirts of the Arctic Ocean. To the nearest major cities, Dudinka and Norilsk, from here more than five hundred kilometers of the uninhabited tundra can be reached only by a special pass and only by an old pass AN-26, which flies from the airport “Alykel” only once a week, and then when there is no blizzard or fog For the locals everything that is not Dixon is the “continent.” On the “mainland” is Siberia, the dense taiga, roads, the habitual change of day and night. “At the” edge of the world “- houses on stilts,” you saw how the arctic fox drove the dog in the yard? “, the wild tundra, open to all winds, and the devil final ice. Arctic. “Material: http://dymontiger.livejournal.com/7390278.html


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