Today, March 29, marks the 53rd birthday of the leader of the expedition “Northern landing”, the president of the Group of Companies “Slavtek” Alexander Peterman. And again in a way, in the Arctic, which was prolonged by his immense strain of the moral and physical powers of man. With perseverance, step by step he conquers the icy spaces, and at the same time the indifferent calmness of the Arctic.

With all my heart we are with him now. With him our whole soul is our many thousands team. Dear Alexander Anatolevich! We wish that, as before, you live sincerely doing what you like, living the way you understand happiness. Do not stop moving, appreciate each time lived with profit, thereby setting a worthy example.

For us, you have already touched eternity, for which time does not make sense!

Your team “Northern landing”, your team of “Corporation” Slavtek “

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