The site is most suitable for conducting exercises. Officers of the special unit conduct combat firing from special weapons with optical, night and thermal imaging sights. This expedition for us is interesting and informative in that we have the opportunity to observe the clear, harmonious work of professionals, and we participate in it. Photo and video are for business use only.
Six fighters are not the most frightening dimensions, two Heroes of Russia. They say quietly and calmly.
– What is the main task of special forces in the Arctic?
– As elsewhere – perform the task and survive to perform the next.
– In the alleged hostilities, what are the tasks of such small groups on snowmobiles?
– Conducting reconnaissance, patrolling, fighting enemy reconnaissance and sabotage groups.
– What are the military requirements for clothes?
– It should not impede movement, keep the body in working order, so that there is good heat transfer. You need to dress properly: by layers. “The Northern Troopers” worked out several variants of clothes, different lengths, with different heaters.
– What are the requirements for snowmobiles?
– Simplicity, reliability, maintainability, patency.
– What is the advantage of a snowmobile?
– No matter how high the vehicle is, you still have to choose the route. On a snowmobile, you can simply drive in azimuth.
– How effective are the aerosleighs widely used in the Great Patriotic War?
“Naval special forces use them even now.” However, there are limitations. The passage on rough terrain, especially among ice ridges, is insufficient, unstable with a strong lateral wind. Difficult to manage, especially when turning on a limited area.
“And the hovercraft?”
– Insufficient range, very much consume fuel.
– Was it possible to equip snowmobiles, let’s say machine guns?
– Excluded. Course weapons are good for a helicopter, flies, conveniently aiming, to shoot. Then it shakes all the time. And in combat helicopters, the functions of the pilot and the rifle are usually separated, plus there is an automatic system that facilitates the fire, and here it is necessary to control the machine and shoot.
– How effective are Zapolyarnye drone?
– In drones with electric motors the main problem: batteries. Quickly fail out in the cold. Now, experimental samples have been developed that can withstand 40-50 degree frost. One of the tasks: their field tests, also night vision devices and other special equipment.
– Does it help the interaction that the commanders of Peterman gathered former paratroopers, combatants?
– Of course. You speak the people you serve in the same language. In general, the “Northern Troopers” are active and creative people, they have something to learn. And the Siberians are Siberians, kind, sympathetic, friendly people, ready to help. There is no problem in communication. We also answer their questions … within the limits of the permissible. We have close contact.
“I hope that this campaign will save a lot of money for the military budget.”
– To learn from experience is a shorter process than accumulating.

A deadly and short phrase is deadly. Impression that you speak with six of those “three hundred Spartans” …

At 12.00 we leave on the route.

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