If we compare the rivers of Russia, the Yenisei is in second place by the area of the basin after the Ob. In length, it ranks fifth in the world after the Amazon, the Nile, the Yangtze and the Mississippi. The river on the map crosses our country from the south to the north: camels live in the upper reaches, and in the lower reaches you can meet polar bears and reindeers.

Once in the Yenisei the whale “wandered”. He walked 400 kilometers. The river passes through all climatic zones of Siberia. The Yenisei is asymmetric – the right bank is 5.6 times higher than the left bank. In the Evenki language, the Yenisei sounds like “Ionesis”, which translates as “big water”. For Khakassians this river has the name Kim, and Tuvans call it Ulug-Khem (Great River). The Ket are called Enisei Hook. And for the Siberians this is the priest Yenisei. The Great River is rightly considered not only the pride of Siberia and Russia, but the whole world. A powerful stream is the most important water artery, connecting with the rest of the world the severe northern regions. The economic significance of the river is enormous. It gives life to a giant region, and provides the country with copper, nickel, gold and other minerals, which are so rich in the northern land.

When they reached the shore, they learned that another ship had passed along the river in the morning. Not having time to “grasp” because of the warm weather channel from the icebreaker, again refreshed. The weather spoils, the wind increases to 14 m / s, precipitation began. Fairway in the snow, because of what it is not visible water. We descend to the east along the shore, at the point of the fairway bend, just opposite Sopkarga we try the ice. Only a few hundred meters separate us from a warm overnight stay. The head of the station Sopkargi Alexei Bystrov could not stand it, went to a meeting. To the general surprise, the water under snowmobiles and sleds barely stands in a couple of places, which does not prevent us from passing carefully and quickly through the dangerous area. We spend the night at the station.

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