During flood periods, the streets of the village are flooded with rivers. At this time, residents get to the boats and to the store, and to work. During the Great Patriotic War, the life of the inhabitants of Antipayuta was difficult and tense. During this period, the Northern Fishery Plant was established in the village. In 1942, the first lights were lit on the streets of the village, a club appeared, in which films were shown. Radio communication was established, and in the village for the first time heard the voice of Moscow. The Nenets long could not believe what Moscow was talking to them about. In 1980, near the Antipayuta oil and gas condensate field was discovered.

We stop for lunch. Our comrade, the head of the polar station of Sopochnaya Karga, Aleksey Bystrov, reported that an icebreaker passed by them along the Yenisei at night. His return return is scheduled for March 28, the day of our alleged arrival at Sopkargu. Due to the warm weather (-8С) the canal from the icebreaker can be dangerous for moving around for days, ice porridge is covered with young ice, hummocks, burglaries, cracks in the way … In 2016, on the way back, it was in Sopkargi district that we spent more 10 hours (!) To move through a barely entrenched canal. It was the way back, we were 8 people on 7 snowmobiles, we went with a minimum load. Now it is different. We are at the beginning of the road, 12 snowmobiles, loaded with fuel, provisions, equipment … We leave in the direction of Gyda. # Northern Landing Party # Peterman # Arctic # Airborne Forces # Ministry of Defense

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