«Northern Troopers»

Snowmobile Arctic Expedition
It's carried out annually since 2008

North – exam
to courage, to strength,
on human qualities.


We got to Nakhodka

Almost an island settlement of the Tazovsky District of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District. A tiny village, located on the shore of the Taz Bay, is abundantly surrounded by tundra channels.

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Travel Note 2016

Travel Note 2016

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Photos from the route 2016

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Field meeting (round table) of the Izborsk club 06/23/2016 Nizhnevartovsk

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Press conference of members of the Izborsk club (June 22, 2016, Nizhnevartovsk)

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Wrote to us

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5th of April. Two-day parking in 100 km from Gyda.

The site is most suitable for conducting exercises. Officers of the special unit conduct combat firing from special weapons with optical, night and thermal imaging sights. This expedition for us is interesting and informative in that we have the opportunity to observe the clear, harmonious work of professionals, and we participate in it. Photo and video are for business use only.
Six fighters are not the most frightening dimensions, two Heroes of Russia. They say quietly and calmly.

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#питердержись #питермыстобой

Terrible tragedy…
Mourning …
Hug your loved ones and take care of yourself …

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03 April. At 11.00 we leave on the return route.

Unfortunately, due to the low bandwidth of the local Internet, we do not have the opportunity to throw off photo and video materials, which we collected enough. During my stay in the village, I met with representatives of the administration, border guards and our countrymen. It was a surprise to learn that at one of Dixon’s enterprises, 25 war veterans (!) Have been working since recently. According to IA Arktika-Info (http://www.arctic-info.ru): The population of the village of Dixon on the Taimyr Peninsula will increase by 3 thousand people. The decision was made in the framework of the development of a large coal deposit on the peninsula. The Taimyr coal basin is one of the largest coal deposits on the planet. According to experts, coal reserves of various categories here are about 10 billion tons.

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The capital of the Arctic

30th of March. 10.00. We left Sopochnaya Kargi. Closer to 21.00 we call in the village of Dixon.

“There is no cinema and mobile Internet, buses and coffee shops, supermarkets and advertising banners, there is not one person who does not see the polar night and the green shimmering of the northern lights, would not know what to do when meeting with a polar bear and during” “Dickson is the most northerly village in Russia, Dixon is commonly called the” edge of the world “: it is located in the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, on the shores of the Yenisei Gulf of the Kara Sea – the outskirts of the Arctic Ocean.

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Travel notes

Путевые заметки за этот год временно отсутствуют.


About us

Since 2008, under the auspices of the Russian Geographical Society, there has been an extreme expedition “Northern Troopers” exploring the Arctic. The author and project manager is Alexander Peterman. A feature of the journey is the movement of participants on utilitarian snowmobiles. The length of the chosen route of the expedition in different years is more than 8 thousand kilometers.

The topic of development of the Arctic and its natural resources is becoming increasingly relevant both at the international and state levels, and in various sectors of the economy. The relevance of the development of the Arctic zone of Russia has repeatedly drawn attention to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. According to the All-Russian survey of the Public Opinion Foundation, in April 2014, 75% of the polled Russians said they considered themselves patriots. According to respondents, patriotism is manifested in the love of the Motherland, devotion to it and the readiness to defend the Fatherland. 70% of respondents believe that a patriot can not be a person who tries to avoid military service. Almost as many, 67% of respondents say that a person who does not know the history of his country can not be a patriot either.

As is known, the RF Ministry of Defense has taken out military snowmobiles and ATVs, and the Russian Airborne Forces are actively preparing to survive in extreme conditions. Persistent development of the Arctic “Northern landing” here came in handy as it is impossible by the way. Annually (beginning in 2008) the expedition project “Northern Troopers” carries out the tasks set by the leadership of the Russian Geographical Society (President of the Company, Minister of Emergency Situations S.Shoygu). Namely, the navigation system “GLONASS” is tested, new routes are laid. In consultation with the command of the Airborne Forces of Russia (Commander-in-Chief VA Shamanov), the members of the expedition experience the development of military equipment and supplies – how they are suitable for use in the northern latitudes by the armed forces of our country. In addition, the reconnaissance group of the Airborne Forces Command in cooperation with the Expedition Center of the Russian Geographical Society is checking the state of drifting ice floes in the Arctic region. The purpose of the check is to determine the areas of possible landing of heavy loads. In turn, the Northern Troopers monitors information not only about areas of pollution of the Arctic coast, requiring cleaning from scrap and household garbage, but also mark places on the map that are most suitable for mass landing, landing areas are minimally covered with ice hummocks.

The data of the Northern Airborne Forces received as a result of research work are annually transferred to the interested structures and departments. In April 2015, the Airborne Forces announced mass dropping onto the drifting ice floe in the Arctic. Such an operation was carried out for the first time, and, apart from training for survival, this event also has a social character: after the disembarkation in the Arctic, exercises were conducted in the format “search and rescue expedition”. In the opinion of the Commander-in-Chief of the Airborne Forces, VA Shamanov, the video materials of the Northern Airborne Troops are “… an excellent methodical guide to the conditions of survival in arctic conditions, and in addition a wonderful example of mutual support, friendship, cohesion and team spirit.”

The planned route of the expedition in 2014: Tazovsky-Antipayuta-Gyda-Dickson-Cape Sterligov-Cape Chelyuskin-Severnaya Zemlya-o.Sredny – Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsii-o.Komsomolets-Cape Arctic-o.Oktyabrskaya Revolutsii-o.Bolshevik – Cape Chelyuskin – Cape Sterligov-Dickson-Gyda-Antipayut-Tazovsky.

Unfortunately participants of the expedition in 2014, the designated route was interrupted on the “Dixon” site, and suspended due to the human factor – the illness of the participant. The news that the “Northern Troopers” is back was a surprise not only for those who followed the expedition on-line and experienced, but also for the participants themselves. Nobody was ready for such a turn of events, but the head – Alexander Peterman – took a difficult, but the only right decision – to return home. Continue the path without one mechanic, according to the experience of the expeditions passed, a huge risk. An irresistible desire to move forward did not affect the decision. In a long journey, where one can not expect help from anywhere and rely only on oneself, the leader of the expedition did not risk the lives of the participants. Each member of the team is waiting at home for relatives and friends. Almost a year of preparation for a serious journey and as a result, the goal has not been achieved. But for strong and courageous people this is only a new experience for future travel. In 2015, the expedition was canceled due to the anniversary of the author, the head and the sponsor of the project Alexander Peterman. However, in 2016 the expedition members plan to complete the unconquered route of 2014.

The theme of the Russian Arctic is widely covered not only among the research community. So, the expedition project “Northern landing” took part with the final film “Taimyr 2013” (2014 of release) in the International Festival of Cinematographic Debuts “Spirit of Fire-2015” in the special nomination “Closed show”. According to the statistics of the organizers, more than 25 thousand spectators visited the festival. In Nizhnevartovsk watching the film attended by students of several patriotic. The film “Taimyr” is mounted from the most interesting moments of expeditions of different years, duration 51 minutes. The texts of the films reflect historical data on the development of Arctic latitudes on the compatriots of all times. The national coloring of the peoples of the North is underlined, respect for the traditions and culture of local people is instilled. Also, the spectator personally observes the close-knit teamwork of experienced military men, can appreciate the patience, moral-volitional qualities and physical strength of the participants. In each expedition, participants come to schools for open lessons – the curiosity of schoolchildren, and the unconcealed delight of children, supports pretty tired travelers, giving new forces to continue the movement. Admiration by the vast expanses of the Motherland, harsh conditions and wonderful natural phenomena, meetings with wild animals (polar bears, musk oxen) and much more – all this fills the reporting film with incredible notes of patriotism and pride for the Fatherland, its history, defenders, soldiers, men. The main idea of ​​the expedition project “Northern Troopers” is to activate interest in studying the history of the country, its territories, population, traditions and popularize the patriotism of outstanding historical figures and personal example to form a positive motivation for young people to military service. In the opinion of the expedition members, the march throws of the Northern Assault can be regarded as the protection of our country’s reputation in the world community. The paratroopers who defended Russia’s national interests with weapons in hand continue to do so already in peaceful studies. The North is a kind of test for courage, for strength, for human qualities. All veterans of the Airborne Forces, one of the participants, was awarded the Order of Courage (disabled, as a result of military operations in the performance of the mission, a mine was struck on a mine, his leg was amputated, but he passes the route on a par with everyone). Alexander Peterman, the project manager, is convinced that “Now Russia goes in the mainstream of Russian tradition, the greatness of the exploits of our ancestors, correctly. The theory must be interfaced with practice, then it will be a beautiful and worthy country! “

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